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It is Good...

The Inspiration Gap is a Festival of Inspiration¸, Transformation¸, Potential and Creativity....

NEW  YES Moment Calendars

Steve Jobs said: All we are is our ideas and people. Never discount or ignore your Yes Moments -those AHA Moments -those ideas that come up in the shower or on your morning walk – those moments of true delight. If you don’t do anything with them within 24 hours, they will be lost.

Do something with them. Start to track them to begin with. Note them down. And now you have help – The YES Moments Calendar – beautifully illustrated and with inspirational messages.

Order yours now @ $20 (Excluding shipping). Order for your entire teams and get AWESOME discounts.  

Coming Soon ∞ EASE Fun Program Enablers and Facilitation Gear for all your Strategy, Awareness, Change Management, Coaching and Mentoring Endeavours, Engagements and Events

Leadership ideedledoo for the week...:

Inspired people radiate with an undeniable glow. Judith Orloff

What is now proved was once only imagined. William Blake. Start imagining...

The Starfish...

Did you know that the starfish generates so much heat that it not only set fire to everything it touches, but also cooks its own food? (Carl Jung) Hence it signifies the inextinguishable power of true potential. The fish glows forever in the midst of the waters and whatsoever it touches grows hot and burns into flames. This is the glow of fire - the fire of our Souls.

There is a spark of life and a greatness waiting for you and somehow this greatness finds you, whether instigated through a talk or conversation you hear, a workshop you attend, a book you read, a movie you watch, an experience you have, a bumper sticker or advertising board. And in a moment you find yourself connecting to the greatness and goodness life, and all of humanity and this greatness and goodness lifts and holds you so high that any previous version of you seems flimsy.

You are preparing for greatness. And your state of being creates your life. And you start to remember. The seed has been planted. You start being connected to yourself in a state of joy, clarity and peace, regardless of what is going on around you. This self connection is about finding and trusting the truth inside you, which then creates a gateway to manifesting it all around you.

You start to enter a space of self authority – a connection to your soul that is unshakable. It immediately removes you from the land of patheticism, (why can’t I ever do enough or commit? Why can’t I ever be right? Why can’t he tell me I am beautiful?) and catapults you into a place of clarity, wisdom and power.

Then you find the law of self precedence: How you understand value and see yourself is the precedent - that is how the world sees, values and understands you. You are just like the starfish – a spark of life. Allow your true potential to glow all around you and that is how the world will see you.

And remember, the most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire. Ferdinand Foch

Walking Beside You\\

In every man there is a king. Speak to the king and the king will come forth. Scandinavian Proverb

#Inspreneur #Mentoring #On-boarding

Imagine you had a wise, nurturing and trusted person walking by your side in life...What would life be with such wisdom and support?

Someone who’s intent, purpose, spirit, passions and thinking processes are there to be by your side as you develop and blossom into a whole person. To be by your side as you are fully engage in the business of life. To be by your side as you lead. To be by your side as you cultivate an exquisite life. To be by your side as you realize your dreams and potential. To be by you side as you generate and construct your life’s work. To be by your side as you imprint and express yourself abundantly. To be by your side as you walk through life with certainly, confidence and joy!   

Someone who is skilled and experienced in a broad array of techniques and tools that can be invaluable along the way. Someone who has the awareness, knowledge, understanding and wisdom to draw on these techniques and tools when appropriate...

Come and See

T. Ryan says when we 'come and see' we open ourselves to the unpredictable. It's the strangest thing - it's like a baby coming naturally.

When you embody presence, express authenticity and radiate confidence, clarity and power, people will 'Come and See'. And something life changing will happen. People are fascinated with and drawn to authenticity, radiance and presence.

We are delighted to invite you to ‘Come and See’. And if you are touched by what you see and experience with us, please spread the word...

What to indulge in

A new caliber leader emerging? The Arrow needs a capable Archer Blog

Digging deeper. Follow me. 

#NewPerspectives #Vision

What is happening

The Arrow needs a capable Archer Executive Theatre and Summit

19 June 2014 , 19h00 UCT +1 - Oriental Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria

#ExecutiveTheatre # Leadership #Talent #Potential

Combining old time, regal wisdom with present time experiences and insights, to shape a desirable and meaningful future!  Changing history!

Proudly presented by The Inspiration Gap in association with Oil & Gas Soft Skills Ltd.

By invitation only.

An Exquisite Life impacted through every Act  – Online Happiness Salon –

14 May 2014 - 10h00 PST, 13h00 EST, 19h00 UCT +2


"You must behave as if you every act, even the thousand people for a hundred generations. Because it does." Thom Hartmann

Come and See an Exquisite Life....Join in the comfort and luxury of your home. You will be astonished....

Harvesting YES Moments in the Work Place - Business Breakfast

14 May 2014 - 7h30 (UCT +2), Hyde Park Johannesburg

#Business Breakfast

 The effects of YES Moments are contagious in the work place. How can instilling, rewarding and inspiring YES Moments amongst the Work Force have a positive impact and influence on the overall Success of the organization? How can YES Moments contribute to Employee Engagement, Innovation and Efficiency?

The role of Human Resources has evolved dramatically over the past years from being Administrators, Recruiters and Monitors to Value, Talent and Potential Catalysts, and Well Being Providers and Custodians.Human Resources is a full blown Partner in the organization and its Currency is the Realization and Actualization of Talent, Potential, Innovation, Creativity, Cutting-edge Thinking and Value.     How can YES Moments contribute to this currency?  How can YES Moments be instigated?

 Join us and RSVP Masabata Moletsane on +27 11 325 5101 - pinpoint one

 The Joy of Freedom Celebration Workshop

1 June 2014 - 9h00 - 17h00 (UCT +2), Centurion, Tshwane

# Personal Development

Refresh Renew Rebirth Rejuvenate Revitalize Rejoice

Announcing and celebrating new life, new beginnings, new ideas, new opportunities and new ways of being...

You are a glorious gift to the world!
You are unique and one of a kind!
Feel and be more powerful! 
More Joy! More Flow! More Movement!
Make Life work for You!

Register now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

EASE - Playshop

Embodied Authentic Self Representation and Expression

8 June 2014 - 9h30 - 16h00 (UCT +2), Bryanston, Johannesburg


"When did you stop dancing? 
When did you stop telling your story?
When did you stop singing your song?
When did you loose your ability to be on earth with joy?"
Angeles Arrien


Allow your Substance, Impulse and Presence to:
Bring real Exchange with Life
Bring Harmony with the Rhythms of Life
Attract Nourishing Environments and People
Produce Potent Manifestations and Creations 
To awaken Powerful Attractor Fields
Draw Prosperity and Synchronicity

Now your ideas come into reality with ease, joy and grace
Now you become a magnet and attract those who need and who are ready for what you are bringing to the world
Now you are giving existence all of you
Now you have intercourse with existence and reap the abundant fruits that are waiting on you

Now you walk through life, present and express yourself as your Authentic, Embodied, Undivided, Integrated, Best Self, with Confidence, Certainty, Clarity, Joy, Involved, Available, Present, Radiating and Blossoming

Book your seat now at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Bookings are essential.

Worth Exploring

#Discovery #Trail Blazing #Adventure 

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