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Goodness, Greatness and Genius

A Sanctuary of Care Nourishment

and Delight

A Festival of  Transformation¸, Potential

and Creative Innovation

Dare to be

A New Story/Song/Tune

for the World

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Feel free the join the Threads that you deeply resonate with... Your Voice, your Words and your Story have impact! It is powerful...



Something is always


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Leadership Ideedledoo for

the Week

There is always another level of truth; go deeper and beyond what is tangible and obvious.


Ask questions such as ‘What wants to arise?’ and ‘What else is possible?’



Lead and Influence with Purpose Series 2015

The word lead comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘laed’, which means to set out on a quest or to navigate into the distant horizon. It has very little to do with managing and operating an organization.

In 2015 we are going to set out on an astonishing quest to discover and uncover the true spirit of leadership through navigating thought provoking concepts and infinite possibilities. Most leaders, when asked what the true spirit of leadership is, respond with aspects of leadership such as attitudes-, abilities, leadership-, acting- and communication styles, etcetera.


The true spirit of leadership is rich and all encompassing; it delights; it provides both sustenance and direction, it is the force/charge behind our intentions, passion and drive; it determines how we show up in life, how we relate to others and to life, how we interface with life and what we create/build, how we interact and act, how we engage and negotiate life, and as leaders how we influence and impact the rest of the world and our environments.


We are looking forward to sharing these stimulating and exciting events with you in 2015.

The True Spirit of Embodied

Leadership - Online Radio


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Walking Beside You\

Everyone needs care, nourishment, support and understanding; even more so leaders.

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Walking beside you 

 8 Words that can

Change the World


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