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Goodness, Greatness and Genius


you find yourself in the desert...You have been walking for days; it feels like in circles; and you are dehydrated and have no more food or water. You think this must be the end.


Then suddenly, in the distance, just like many times before, you notice something that looks like an oasis. You have to trust that this time it is not a mirage; that it is indeed real. You stumble forward engaging every ounce of strength you have left. You cannot believe your eyes. Your heart starts to beat so fast; it feels like it wants to jump out of your body.


Then absolute heaven on earth as you reach this well of nourishment...You can’t wait; you throw yourself forward with all force to dip into the cool waters. You even forget to drink. You are so overwhelmed and want to cherish each moment. After you have replenished yourself and rested, you look at the desert in a different way. As your well-being improve you become more available to all the possibilities and options that you have to find your way through the desert.

 Now Imagine

...there is a brief moment - a gap - where you can come to a sanctuary where you are nourished, replenished and supported; body, mind, spirit and heart.

 ...when you are replenished, there is a festival where you are playfully challenged and inspired to feel different about yourself and others, where you un-tame your mind, and expand your view of yourself, others, your role, your organization, and the world; all so you can joyfully and abundantly share your talents with the world with ease and joy, and work together with others coherently whilst you contribute to something much bigger than your can create by yourself.

 That Oasis is The Inspiration Gap

A Sanctuary of Care Nourishment

and Delight

A Festival of  Transformation, Potential

and Creative Innovation

Back to our True Nature

Over 3 decades and much research, we uncovered that when you are exhausted, frustrated, discontent, feeling disconnected, harbouring bad feelings, and the likes, that it is impossible to give your best, to be fully engaged, to work together with others in harmony, and to be innovative and creative. We found that when you are nourished, revitalised and supported first, you are available to contribute with much vigour and delight.

Therefore, regardless of the context, all our interventions are facilitated in the backdrop of these two vital elements:

vNourishment of spirit and heart, ( Honouring our true nature, value, and what matters most to us; how we feel about ourselves and others), and the replenishment and support of the mind and body

vChallenging and expansion of mind and perceptions, ( how we see ourselves, others, our roles, our organization and the world)   and the readiness of the body to act according to new perspectives

Our integrative processes revitalize, reenergize and stimulate on all these levels, (BMS) whilst providing support and challenge, which results in renewed vision and focus, inspired action, eagerness and momentum to move forward with passion and drive.

Re-humanizing the Work Place and Life

through Embodied Leadership, Self Leadership, and

Creative Innovation

Dare to be

3 Brilliant Mice, Minstrels, Magnificentos - All good things come in 3's

3 blind mice cover d 2 web

This playful and lighthearted novel masterfully disguises precious life-lessons, and much wisdom and delight. Join our colourful characters on their transformational journey of self-discovery, self-mastery, self-expression and co-creation. They soon uncover that our biggest perceived weakness is in fact our biggest gift.

In Volume One of this Trilogy, 3 Brilliant Mice, Minstrels and Magnificentos - All good things come in 3's, our friends Drufus, Lilo and Rocco go on their own personal journeys and adventures to uncover their biggest gifts, and to transmute their biggest perceived weaknesses. During their journeys they discover the magic and meaning of the number 3. This modern day mystic satire plays out in 3 different worlds.

In Volume 1 our wondrous characters discover their own brilliance. In Volume 2 they paint a new world as Minstrels. Volume 3 will expose readers to a new intelligence human beings will have access to.

In Volume 1 creative techniques are shared to assist us to access our creative energy and powers, to hear our heart's voice, and to uncover our own brilliance.

Get your copy now on Amazon

Return to Innocence

Return to Innocence web

A New Story/Song/Tune

for the World

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Feel free the join the Threads that you deeply resonate with... Your Voice, your Words and your Story have impact! It is powerful...



Something is always


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Leadership Ideedledoo for

the Week

There is always another level of truth; go deeper and beyond what is tangible and obvious.


Ask questions such as ‘What wants to arise?’ and ‘What else is possible?’



Lead and Influence with Purpose Series 2015

The word lead comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘laed’, which means to set out on a quest or to navigate into the distant horizon. It has very little to do with managing and operating an organization.

In 2015 we are going to set out on an astonishing quest to discover and uncover the true spirit of leadership through navigating thought provoking concepts and infinite possibilities. Most leaders, when asked what the true spirit of leadership is, respond with aspects of leadership such as attitudes-, abilities, leadership-, acting- and communication styles, etcetera.

The true spirit of leadership is rich and all encompassing; it delights; it provides both sustenance and direction, it is the force/charge behind our intentions, passion and drive; it determines how we show up in life, how we relate to others and to life, how we interface with life and what we create/build, how we interact and act, how we engage and negotiate life, and as leaders how we influence and impact the rest of the world and our environments.

We are looking forward to sharing these stimulating and exciting events with you in 2015.

The True Spirit of Embodied

Leadership - Online Radio


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Walking Beside You\

Everyone needs care, nourishment, support and understanding; even more so leaders.

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Walking beside you 

 8 Words that can

Change the World


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