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Goodness, Greatness and Genius

A Sanctuary of Care Nourishment

and Delight

A Festival of  Transformation¸, Potential

and Creative Innovation

New song

A New Song for the World


Africa carries such richness in wisdom. When a woman of the Ubuntu African tribe knows she is pregnant, she goes to the jungle with other women, and together they pray and meditate until you get to The Song of the Child. 

When a child is born, the community gets together and they sing the child’s song. When the child begins his education, people get together and he sings his song. When they become an adult, they get together again and sing it. When it comes to your wedding, the person hears his song. Finally, when their soul is going from this world, family and friends are approaching, and like his birth, sing their song to accompany it in the journey.

In the Ubuntu tribe, there is another occasion when men sing the song. If at some point the person commits a crime or an aberrant social act, they take him to the centre of town and the people of the community form a circle around her. Then they sing your song. The tribe recognizes that the correction for antisocial behavior is not punishment, but is the love and memory of his true identity. When we recognize our own song, we have no desire or need to hurt anyone.

Your friends know your song. And sing it to you when you forget it. Those who love you cannot be fooled by mistakes you have committed, or dark images you show to others. They remember your beauty as you feel ugly, you total when you’re broke, your innocence when you feel guilty, and your purpose when you’re confused.

(Tolba Phanem, African Poet)

Let’s honour and celebrate the Song of Humanity, of each wondrous human being, and of the World.  

Let’s remind each other each day of our Song!

A beautiful world will be in the making. Thank You! 

Our words and the language that we use contribute to the Song of the World. We can all consciously bring a new song into being by using powerful, aware, vibrant and visionary language.

We are hosting monthly Wordshops globally in various formats to make people aware of this new song, to share the power of words, to celebrate the Song of each person, to transform blockages that to transform blockages that were created by others’ statements/words/opinions/conditioning/beliefs, to receive techniques on how to use more powerful, aware, vibrant and visionary language in daily life, and to initiate this process of co-creating a new song for the world.

People can either join physically or through an Interactive Online Video Link in the comfort of their homes wherever they are globally.

Our March Wordshop is on 1 March 2015 – Johannesburg

7h00-10h00 (EST) 12h00-15h00 (UCT) 14h00-17h00 (SAST)

Or via Interactive Video Link in the comfort of your home

To register follow this link

Today we are reaching out to you to generously and kindly spread the word. By doing that the golden thread of the creation of a new song for the world will flow out effortlessly and joyously into the world.

There are many ways in which you can participate in and support this initiative. If the longing of the world for a new Song speaks deeply to your heart, please send us an email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with YES in the subject line and we will initiate personal contact with you and share how you can co-create and support this New Song for the World in your own unique and precious way.

Something to ponder on...

Having a vision is one thing¸ holding a vision is a completely different aspect, realizing a vision yet another aspect, and allowing a vision to flow yet another aspect. Each is a unique ability.

Holding a vision in modern day life can be quite daunting and¸ is mostly absent. Most of the emphasis and attention these days are on realizing visions. Allowing it to flow is yet another neglected aspect of the entire process for a vision to come into being with ease¸ joy, abundance and possibility.

Leaders, who really impacted society in transformational ways across the ages were able to hold their visions and allowed it to flow. We all have the capacity to hold and allow a vision to flow into fruition. It is an integral part of Embodied Leadership. Holding a vision is a very visceral and physical experience in our bodies, whereas having a vision can be mental and spiritual concepts.

Sometimes our visions might feel too big to hold in our bodies, and we are not even aware of this fact, or be aware of how it limits the fruition of our visions. Sometimes we unconsciously sabotage our visions because we have never allowed it to flow like a river flows to the ocean.

Many leaders and executives are exhausted, despondent and overwhelmed because there are almost no processes in place to accommodate the holding and flow of visions.

We would like to invite you to consider and explore these concepts. If your life is not balanced, enriching and invigorating chances are good that you might want to explore the gifts that Embodied Leadership offer you.  And you do not have to do it alone...

Walking beside you

Leadership Ideedledoo for

the Week

Keep an open attitude and be willing to try new things. Arthur C Martinez

Trust your ability to discern what is best in each moment.

Lead and Influence with Purpose Series 2015

The word lead comes from the Anglo Saxon word ‘laed’, which means to set out on a quest or to navigate into the distant horizon. It has very little to do with managing and operating an organization.

In 2015 we are going to set out on an astonishing quest to discover and uncover the true spirit of leadership through navigating thought provoking concepts and infinite possibilities. Most leaders, when asked what the true spirit of leadership is, respond with aspects of leadership such as attitudes-, abilities, leadership-, acting- and communication styles, etcetera.

The true spirit of leadership is rich and all encompassing; it delights; it provides both sustenance and direction, it is the force/charge behind our intentions, passion and drive; it determines how we show up in life, how we relate to others and to life, how we interface with life and what we create/build, how we interact and act, how we engage and negotiate life, and as leaders how we influence and impact the rest of the world and our environments.

We are looking forward to sharing these stimulating and exciting events with you in 2015.

The True Spirit of Embodied Leadership

Online Radio Shows

January - Ignite a new Spark - :

February The Sweet Spot 0A Sense of Connection

March Open Sesame Exploring Possibilities

We are welcoming the new season by setting out on an astonishing quest to discover and uncover the true spirit of leadership through navigating thought provoking concepts and infinite possibilities.

In March we explore the importance of  "Exploring Possibilities"

Join us in the comfort of your own home/office.

Walking Beside You\\

Everyone needs care, nourishment, support and understanding; more so leaders.

#Inspreneur #Mentoring #On-boarding 

Who holds you? Who cares for you while you lead others? Who supports you physically, mentally and emotionally?

Does it feel like you are swimming upstream and that you are drowning under all the pressure and expectations and

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted?

Are you feeling appreciated and cherished?

How do you fill your lamp? How do you rejuvenate yourself daily? How much time do you spend on self-care?

What is that one thing that you need in this moment so you and those in your sphere of influence can thrive?

Imagine you had a wise, nurturing and trusted person walking by your side in life...What would life be with such wisdom and support?

Someone who’s intent, purpose, spirit, passions and thinking processes are there to be by your side as you develop and blossom into a whole person. To be by your side as you are fully engage in the business of life. To be by your side as you lead. To be by your side as you cultivate an exquisite life. To be by your side as you realize your dreams and potential. To be by you side as you generate and construct your life’s work. To be by your side as you imprint and express yourself abundantly. To be by your side as you walk through life with certainly, confidence and joy!   

Someone who is skilled and experienced in a broad array of techniques and tools that can be invaluable along the way. Someone who has the awareness, knowledge, understanding and wisdom to draw on these techniques and tools when appropriate... 

This is available to you NOW.

Start flourishing while you are leading

others and show the way.

That is what we are here for.