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Hannelie is a seasoned, inspirational, creative, innovative and transformational Public Speaker,Inspirational Radio Host, Published Author, Narrator, and Word Painter.

She has been a speaker at various conferences and events in Turkey, United Kingdom, Spain, Ghana, Malawi, Zambia and South Africa.

It is not a talk - it is an interactive experience...What others say...

Hannelie's passion and zest for life is palpable in her way of invigorating and enthusing her audiences.

Her spunky, fresh, vibrant and clear energy and approach captivates and holds her audiences, provokes different perspectives in a playful, humorous, and creative way, and inspires goodness, greatness, and genius.

She has an inborn ability to be fully present, sensitive, and aware of everyone's needs, to connect deeply and to touch hearts and expand minds, regardless of the size of the audience.

Hannelie has a natural way to engage her audiences in an interactive, creative and meaningful experience.

You never leave any of her encounters without having practical tokens, techniques and tools to take home with you.

 A bit about Hannelie...

Hannelie went to study BSc after school and have an extensive Business, Management, Strategy, Human Resources and ICT- Consulting background of 25 years. An avid learner, she studied various modalities amongst which, Advanced Human Potential, Innovation and Creativity, Personality Profiling, Personal and Social Development, Spiral Dynamics, Developmental Psychology, Integral Psychology and Energy Psychology. Hannelie has been trained in various Embodied, Expressive, Movement, Energy, and Creative Change and Coaching Modalities.

She was fortunate to start her career in Human Resources and later served as a Personnel Consultant where she was responsible for recruitment, psychometric testing and selection of candidates. She joined Deloitte Consulting as a Senior Manager in 1998 and was part of various International Pursuit Teams of Deloitte Consulting Globally. She had the pleasure to serve many CXO Level Clients, Politicians, Governments and Multi National Clients in South Africa, Europe, USA, Turkey, the African Continent and Middle East.

Hannelie made a passion-based career change in 2010 and gave birth to The Inspiration Gap where she is graciously able to fulfil her passion, and share her wisdom, insights, talents and gifts for Embodied, Heart-based and Creative Leadership and Self Leadership, Creative Innovation, Human and Organizational Potential Actualization, Social Innovation and Artistry, and Personal Development. She loves to develop and lead various Leadership, Creative Innovation, Thought Provoking and Talent Development Processes, Initiatives, Workshops and Programs.

She has been the muse and mentor of various Leaders and Politicians.

Hannelie leads “Lead and Influence with Purpose” Inspirational Leadership Business Breakfast Workshops, Inspiration Salons, and Online Radio Shows.


Popular Themes


Creative Innovation - Making it Happen


In an evolutionary world of new technological advances, globalization, overload of information, rapid changes, highly competitive markets, mobile workforces, economic and social challenges, much of what we used to rely on and which was stable is now falling away. "South African organizations that successfully create values-based work environments, will lead the next epoch of growth in the South African economy." Gallup - State of the Workplace 2014 Study.


As we progress into the Conceptual Age, (Inventiveness + Creativity + Understanding + Imagination = Value Generation; and Creative Innovation +Action = Value Realization) organizations now need to recognize and tap into unlimited sources available to them.


Creative Innovation is such an inexhaustible source. How can Creative Innovation generate Value? How can Creative Innovation enable our Vision to be realized? How can I be more creative and innovative in my role?


Dare to lead from the heart - The gifts and secrets of the modern day Leader


The outcome of our efforts is entirely bound up with our intentions and our modus operandi- the way in which we accomplish things and the way we do leadership. As leaders we have access to two complimentary, opposite expressions of the same intention; for instance, to know when to keep silent and when to talk in the right place at the right time under the right circumstances.


These ways of doing Leadership work in powerful pairs and when we discover the secrets behind them, we influence and lead very differently.


The modern day leader is gifted with special abilities to seize and harness every opportunity possible to wisely employ these intentions.


So what is their secret? What are their special abilities/gifts? What are these powerful pairs of intentions and ways of doing leadership?


What is possible when modern day leaders apply these special abilities and employ these intentions sensibly and with awareness? How do outcomes change?


The Art of Relating - Leveraging the Compatibility


Profile Leading and building and participating in innovative, cohesive, inspired, high energy, fully engaged and collaborative teams have never been so important in history of man. Evolutionary technological advances have resulted in an explosion in workforce mobility and dispersed, distributed teams.


Now you have to lead, communicate with, engage with, and collaborate with someone you seldom see in person, if at all. In a world of relentless and constant change, we are expected to respond faster to both opportunities and dilemmas, whilst being innovative and creative. Therefore it is important to revisit the art, value and impact of relating.


Modern Day Leaders have to consider and work sensibly with the Compatibility Profile of their Sphere of Influence. What is this Compatibility Profile?


How can we stimulate, attract and experience more beneficial and meaningful relations in the work and market place? How can we leverage relationships and turn them into opportunities?


Harnessing YES Moments in the Workplace


The effects of YES Moments are contagious in the work place. How can instilling, rewarding and inspiring YES Moments amongst our people have a positive impact and influence on the overall Success of each individual and that of the organisation? How can YES Moments contribute to Employee Fulfillment, Well-being, Engagement, Innovation and Efficiency?


Furthermore, everywhere you go you hear the following: "I am so tired."Fatigue, frustration and even boredom seem to range freely and cause much irritation and disharmony, which directly influence our level of engagement with the world around us.


Therefore, leaders need to be innovative in uplifting, energizing and inspiring their sphere of influence throughout the year. By harnessing and appreciating YES Moments leaders not only builds on the gifts that each moment bring, but also creates a fertile environment for rejuvenation, innovation and inspired participation.


Live a Fabulous Life


Liberate yourself from the domestication of your dreams. Everyone longs for wellbeing and prosperity. Everyone has a personal calling and we are all equipped with great talents, wonderful ideas and amazing dreams to answer to that call.


We were born to shine; yet most of us have no understanding what that means. We have slowly been conditioned to belief otherwise; that we have no wings to fly. Our dreams have been domesticated, so we have forgotten how to fly or to hunt for what is ours. And inside, our hearts are dying a slow death. That passion that burns deep inside is locked up.


Yet, we hold the key in our own hearts and hands. We have forgotten how to own our space – our birthright to be here, to show up and to stand out.




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